Lost my Way. Need to Figure out My Calling.

So, I broke my foot..pic

So, I broke my foot..

This morning I ended up in Hospital with a swollen foot which turned out to be broken and am now in a cast half way…

Gaga Vs Christina

Who remembers back in March 2011 When I posted a gallery on Lady Gaga and who we would like to see her collaberate with? Well…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Jan 02, 2014

Imagination, Dreams and Creativity.

Lately I have been lacking in any creativity, imagination and desire to do anything until recently. I don't know what changed but I feel I…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Nov 21, 2013
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Nov 19, 2013
I want to watch again ladygaga artrave poppic
Love pink pic
We've had Salem a year now. He's got so big! pic
I love her so much!pic
Theme park days.pic

Monday Treats.

It is now 8.30am right this second In London and I have not slept a wink since getting in from work last night. So Iv'e…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Mar 25, 2013
Paramore Release Music Video 'Now'vid

Paramore Release Music Video 'Now'

To Me this is not your average Paramore Music Video. It just seems so different without Zac & Josh. Even though 'Monster' was without the…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Feb 12, 2013

Everyone Needs a Little Ellie Goulding.

I got Ellie's recent album 'Halcyon' for christmas & since then Ive listened to it an any opportunity. I liked her before but Now I've fallen…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Jan 31, 2013

Hair Addiction - Blue Locks.

A few months ago I posted a gallery on Purple Hair which I still love but now, I have fallen Deeply in Love with Blue hair. When…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Jan 29, 2013

Are You Having an Adventure Summer 2013?

This Year I'm planning on doing as MUCH as I can. Theatre, museums, Concerts, days out, Holidays(Even If there only for two days! I want to…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Jan 28, 2013

Im Using Tumblr again..

I have just today Re-Fallen for tumblr and the inspirtion it has just from looking at pictures. Iv'e been getting so bored of everything I…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Jan 28, 2013

Jane Austen's 'Pride & Prejudice' Turns 200 Today!

I don't think Jane Austen would believe the story she wrote of a young Miss Bennett & a very rich Mr. Darcy is loved 200 years down the line…
I do love Pink Hair!pic
Lady Gaga Booed In London!pic

Lady Gaga Booed In London!

On Sunday 7th October Gaga was suposed to appear at the launch of her first Fragrance 'Fame' In central London's store Harrods and was to…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Oct 10, 2012

UK vs USA; Rita Ora & Rihanna

I Just read that Ora's Song 'RIP' was Originally for Rihanna and is where the apparent fued began between the two popstars. But there both…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Oct 09, 2012
Meet Salem.pic

Meet Salem.

He's just so adorable! I wanted something Witchy & a little unusual for his name, Escpecially with Halloween coming up which is my favourite holiday! It was…

10 Of The HOTTEST Red Heads Around!

There's a Big thing on Colored hair at the moment (Which I Adore!) but what about the Blondes, Brunettes and the Red's? I think Red is…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 15, 2012

Kendall Jenner makes a 9-year old cancer patient's dreams come true!

Kendall Jenner Treats 9 Year old Morgan Pierce as her Very Special VIP guest to the Tumbler and Tipsy spring 2013 catwalk yesterday. The young Cancer…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 12, 2012

If You could be Best friends with a celebrity, Who would it be?

Have you ever dreame about being BFF's with a celebrity? Who would you pick, and why? Because of what they do, their lifestyles or who…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 11, 2012

UK Vs USA: Boy Bands

I absolutely Love boy bands but I cant decide which country has the hotter band. I chose two bands to represent each the UK and…

Priviously Unseen: Alexander Mcqueen

On October 1st 2012 A book is being released by Annie Deniau on the 13 years she spent backstage at every McQueen show and being the…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 10, 2012

The Born This Way Ball Hits London

Saturday Night The Born This Way Ball landed in London for a two night run. Then it's headed to Manchester for the 11th September. Unfortunately…
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shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 09, 2012

Fashion Night Out: Alexander Mcqueen

Last night was quite eventful. I had so much fun even though the night didn't go to plan! The night started by me and my aunt…
shannon Marie††
shannon Marie†† Sep 07, 2012
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